selfscholar strives to be a portal for unique, pertinent research on law and human rights in the Middle East, in the belief that such information is a public commodity that best functions on the Internet — not in a book or academic journal, out of the reach of many.

Much of the research featured here has never been written about or referenced before, and largely focuses on the topics of:

  • The confluence of classical Islam, human rights, and modern law and society
  • Religious freedom and personal liberties
  • Women’s rights
  • Education

Additionally, selfscholar aims to be a reference for law in the Middle East, and features a unique collection of legal books. A premium is put on being an info-centric portal of information, and every post features referencing and translation from Arabic-language source material. However, they also have a personal flavor, and feature a degree of my own opinion and analysis.

The posts and resources on this site are the product of thousands of hours of research, writing, and thought. And, based on principle, it was produced for free (including the website and hosting), with the hope that this model can be followed by experts in any field. Knowledge no longer rests in a hub city, or at a university — but due to the Internet, can be accessed, learned, and mastered by all. That is my story, and this is the intention behind selfscholar.